Dorsky Museum proposal

Here’s the most current gist of my thesis exhibition plan for the Dorsky Museum:

I have the space behind the front desk on the front left (as you enter the main gallery). From left to right, the walls I have for display are 8.5 x 20′, 22 x 20′ tall (dropping to 10′ tall right of the center-point), and 11 x 10′. This leaves approximately 220 sq. ft. of floor space.

On the left wall I intend to hang three clay plaques vertically arranged, each with a subtle, laser-etched and sandblasted map of NY State. As of now, these will be red earthenware.

Moving right, on the center wall left of the dropped ceiling will hang a 8 x 3 ft. sheet of clear acrylic. This will be CNC etched with an idealized geologic cross section of NY State. I will rub, using the sgraffito technique, an oil paint mixed from ground Marcellus shale and linseed oil into the etched recesses. The uncut backside will have a vinyl-cut structure of natural gas production wells leading from a single derrick. The entire acrylic sheet will hang with a space away from the wall. The result will a layered effect, with shadow play.

To the right will be a series of plaques made from CNC-cut PVC, acrylic, or urethane foam. These will be derived from the photographs I have taken of various gas and water valve covers commonly found on sidewalks and streets.

Spaced on the floor will be three large ceramic PDC drill bits. These will be displayed with room for the viewer to circumnavigate. These may be displayed horizontally or vertically, or both.

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1 Response to Dorsky Museum proposal

  1. jfogden says:

    I think you’re really well put-together, I like that the drills be will be interactive (in the sense of being able to walk around them) while everything else will be displayed in a scientific way. I think having pieces on the floor for the viewer, as well as things on the walls will attract people and keep them interested.

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