working thesis bullets:

-Introduce how technological development has shaped our concept of nature throughout history. Engage topics of natural resource use, the industrialization of the landscape, and illuminate our ever-changing concepts of nature.

-Show the impact that technologies in oil and gas exploration have made to change the physical and metaphysical landscape (above and below the Earth’s surface).
Some points:
-Early Gas development in Western NY from 1820’s – present.
-Geologic descriptions and explanations of Marcellus shale by James Hall.
-The invention of the Tricone drill bit: Howard Robard Hughes.
-horizontal drilling technologies
-George Mitchell: hydraulic fracturing.

The work is to do such and such:
-Attest to the engineering marvel of petroleum engineering and infrastructure. (the bits being emblematic of the forefront of this exploration and exploitation, charging forward the prow of a ship)
-Illustrate that these materials and processes are under our feet and around the corner.
-Generate a dialogue about the gravity and cost of such operations and networks of fuel infrastructure (what are we investing in? is this a sustainable? are we desensitized to these industrial landscapes?)

-My work to stand as a witness to the processes and externalities associated with natural gas development, transport, refinement, and consumption.

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1 Response to working thesis bullets:

  1. Some notes:
    I think that the word “externalities” speaks to a dissociation between landscape and end-use that you are looking to highlight. I continue to see the benefit in a balance between earth art and iconography, material and object, source and end-use.

    If the materials and processes are under our feet, can you engage the viewer literally in that way? What might be the benefit of the viewer treading you something you have crafted? How might you also strike this tone of gravity/austerity in the way you resolve the installation of the work? Is it manifest in stability vs. tenuousness in the presentation?

    In the writing, it is probably a good idea to discuss your work in the context of a few specific artists/examples of earth art from your source research, to determine the shift in time (both in art and in the ecology of raw materials) since then.

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